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M. G. Contreras

3 lbs 2.8 oz (very light)
64.4 cm scale length
14" lower bout
10 7/8" upper bout
Sides are: 91mm at upper bout and
95mm at the lower bout

Lower priced because it was originally a student model, however, this is an incredible guitar in sound, feel and playability


"This guitar plays and sounds like a dream, it is every bit as good in sound as my personal instrument - and that is saying a bunch. It is very balanced in every regard, strong and sweet at the same time. Feels like an early Hauser guitar"

Jim Greeninger




I believe this guitar was built in the 1950's although I am not sure as it has no date inside. This guitar can and should be played for full concerts. It just need someone to play it strong to develop it's already beautiful tone and projection. I would rate this guitar as a top quality concert instrument.




The "Jesus" Guitar

Jesus Diaz Reyes
75 + years old
(November 1933)

3 lbs 5 oz light and balanced
feels great to play
64 cm scale length
14.5” lower bout
11 3/8” upper bout
99mm sides at neck
105mm sides at tail

Cedar top, nine low fan braces

Rosewood back and sides


This is a very playable concert instrument
Beautiful full, deep and clear sound. Even across the full range of notes

“This, or the Contreras, would be my
choice for Live performances”

Is now being restored by
Jim Greeninger


A great investment guitar

Magnets are for repair only


Jesus Diaz Reyes
75 + years old

This was apparently a favorite guitar of some advanced classical player. The fingerboard had been played and quite worn throughout the entire range of the guitar, not just the first frets. The frets were pulled, fingerboard leveled, new frets were installed and the action was adjusted by Jim Greeninger.

"This superb instrument should be owned and played by a fine guitarist who will play it hard and often."  Jim Greeninger



3 lbs 15.6 oz
65 cm scale length
14.5" lower bout
11 7/16" upper bout
Sides are: 96mm at upper bout and
99mm at the lower bout

Spruce top, five fan braces

A very strong, loud and easy to play guitar. Plays and sounds like a very expensive instrument.

$900 Sorry, SOLD for $700



Pearl Inlay Guitar


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