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"Easy To Play" guitars at very low prices.

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What makes our guitars so easy to play? See list of reasons below these guitars -

Pearl Inlay Guitar

Standard Hohner or Valencia nylon

All "Easy To Play" guitars are adjusted to perfection to play easier than any guitar you can buy - anywhere. Also very low priced.

<<<  (left) Everyone's favorite:
JR Cutaway (left) Nylon String Acoustic
Electric guitars are a wonderful option for
those students who wish to take their playing
to a public performance level, play acoustically at home, or simply have the option to amplify.


Our steel string guitars are set up to play easy and are quite nice, however, you should really start with one of our nylon string guitars. They are as easy to play as a guitar can be, especially when you are using correct technique as you learn in the guitar method Easy Guitar Now. This is the perfect way for a new student to learn guitar or and advance player to go back and correct their technique. Correcting your technique will open up new worlds and save your body from hurting.

I have often said that if a person has ten guitars, nine of them steel string (electric, acoustic, solid body, etc.)and one nylon string, you will pick up the nylon string guitar to play or practice almost every time because it is simply easier on your hands, especially after you correct your technique with our Easy Guitar Now DVD method.

High End Classical Guitars


What makes our guitars so easy to play?


1. Our guitars are selected and modified by Master Guitarist and Luthier Jim Greeninger

2. The action is set to be as low and smooth as possible (nut, frets, bridge, fingerboard action)

3. Guitars are fitted with special strings when necessary. Jim is an innovator of strings (ie. D'Addario J51 Recording Strings) and owns the origonal string polishing machine he invented. Many of the guitars are fitted with these Squeakles and easy to play strings. You can also specifically request them.

4. A holding strap is fitted in a very special way with each guitar. This is one of the most important items in making these guitars play so very easy. See:  and

This is sooo very important, I hope everyone will watch, listen, learn and correct bad holding and hand technique.

5. Many of our nylon string guitars have a truss rod* which helps them to have a straight neck and flat fingerboard. This also helps a guitar to play easier.

6. Each guitar comes complete with our revolutionary DVD method Easy Guitar Now. This will insure 100% success in learning to play correctly with no bad habits to break later.

7. Our follow-up lessons on this web site ( will help you progress at no additional cost.


* A truss rod is a guitar part used to stabilize and adjust the lengthwise forward curvature (also called relief), of the neck. Usually it is a steel rod that runs inside the neck and has a bolt that can be used to adjust its tension. The first truss rod patent was applied for by Thaddeus McHugh, an employee of the Gibson company, in 1921[1], although the idea of "truss rod" can be encountered in patents as early as 1908