Music Doctor - For Praise And Worship Music

Make your worship team, choir, and musicians sound professional and shine with little known but very learnable techniques.

Jim Greeninger will personally teach your music team and/or director these little known techniques:

If you already have a great Worship song service, this will make it sparkle.

Can be learned in one to three hours with the director, and three to six hours with the entire team.

Would you like to have energy and vitality in every song your team sings, and do it without undue volume?

Would you like members to look forward to the worship service each and every service because it is so compelling?



How did Jim discover "Energy Phrasing"?

Durring the period of 1994 - 1997 while he was performing at major hotels in Seattle Jim studied the great jazz musicians to understand why their rhythm, tempo, phrasing, and energy were so clearly better then other musicians. He discovered key items which make even ballads, and especially faster songs, sound and feel so compelling. The difference is amazing. 



Jim will also analyze your acoustics and music setup and make suggestions.

We guarantee results or no charge!

Call: 503-884-9600


Costs: $200 per hour, minimum of two and a half hours, plus travel and lodging.