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Easy Guitar Now, Vol. 1 - THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER

Has any guitar method standardized the right hand technique, the left hand technique, and the best way to hold the guitar? The answer is a resounding NO! This Revolutionary new DVD method does this with a bold statement.

How this approach is different and why this method will be the new standard for guitar instruction:

1. Research has shown that other methods combined have an almost 88% failure rate. Because of it's unique format, the failure rate for Easy Guitar Now is virtually zero.

2. Students will learn quickly, often playing songs in one evening, and  they will learn correctly FOR ANY STYLE. This is a first for any guitar method.

3. The student wants to learn guitar, not music theory 101. This method simply teaches them how to play the guitar. There is no sheet music or tabs in volume one; these subjects will be discussed in volume two.

4. Students will learn how to hold any guitar in the most efficient way with the least amount of tension. "Almost everyone holds their guitar properly when standing up, so why do they change it when they sit down?"  Jim Greeninger

5. Left hand position and technique creates the least tension, is the most natural, and permits the student to reach chords and span the most frets possible.

6. Students will learn a new right hand technique that combines all others (picks, thumb picks, finger picks, etc.) into one simple way to play with no pick required.  This revolutionary technique can be used with any style of playing, and was developed over the forty-five-year span of Mr. Greeninger's career.

7.  Easy Guitar Now is an extremely easy, visual method for all ages, 6 - 106. The DVDs feature a color-coded fingerboard with moving finger placements showing the finger number, string color and fret placement changing with each note of the lessons and songs.

8. The DVDs include a virtual guitar tuner and detailed description of tuning the guitar, simplifying the tuning process.

9. Easy Guitar Now is the first and only guitar method to teach the beginning student correctly and quickly with no bad habits to break later. Mr. Greeninger noticed that other methods were either difficult for the beginner to teach themselves, or were incorrect in many ways.

10. Students will receive top advice on the best guitar to learn with. Mr. Greeninger is a respected Luthier (guitar builder).

11. This method helps guitar teachers and music stores by preparing the beginning student in proper ways to either receive further personal guitar instruction or move on to volumes two and three of this series.

12. The program includes a supporting web site that gives you valuable information and updates to the volume(s) you purchased.

13. On the web site students will receive advice on strings. Mr. Greeninger is the co-inventor of the Recording String (J51) and endorses D'Addario Strings.

14. Finally, this is the first methods to standardize guitar instruction, using techniques and explanations everyone should agree with, plus an end result that applies to all styles of guitar playing.

1970 - 2007  All information, teaching ideas and techniques are the exclusive property of Jimmy S. Greeninger  and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.